Orso Laboratorio Caffè is an experiential coffee lab – a place to discover unique and flavorful journeys into the world of coffee in a quiet corner of San Salvario in Turin. Coffee enthusiasts and the curious love to lose themselves among the aromas, voyages and senses.

““I’ve always found it unacceptable that this fascinating fruit has come to be treated like a commodity, a banal base ingredient, or a product that you accept without regard to the quality or taste. A mere habit.”

 “When I decided to take over the business founded by my grandfather and managed by my family, I understood that my challenge, professionally and intellectually, was to change this superficial way to consider coffee by the most. My mission is to give voice to this fascinating fruit of the earth to rediscover it for what it essentially is.”
Alessandro Minelli, AD Giuliano Caffè

Chemex Orso Laboratorio CaffèOrso Laboratorio Caffè was founded in June of 2014 with this precise desire/goal, to create a culture surrounding coffee by accompanying coffee lovers on a unique and intimate journey, inside and outside of themselves.

Among the timeless walls, tables and preparations – AeroPress , Chemex, cold brew, espresso, French press, Moka pot, siphon, Neapolitan pot, V60 – you can travel the ancient roads the coffee has travelled, through uncontaminated lands across five continents, the exact places that Orso selects their select single-origin and specialty coffees that you taste right here in Turin.

The captains of the ship are Alessandro, Fabio and Alessio. They are your companions on this cultural and gastronomical journey. They’ll guide you with empathy, experience and professionality. Together, you can choose where in the world you’d like your coffee to transport you while gazing up at an immense map of the world and relaxing in a cozy cafè in Turin. They’ll inform and explain to you the extraordinary characteristics of this fruit and the various methods for its preparation.

And Orso’s journeys don’t stop there. They’ll take you further into yourself when you find coordinates at the bottom of your cup. These coordinates lead to an oracle from our shaman that will transport you into your unconscious through the rituals of coffee, leaving you with precious advice or important cautions.

Depart for your trip at Orso Laboratorio Caffè
Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet, 30h, 10125 Torino