Orso Laboratorio Caffè
in collaboration with Giuliano Coffee School

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Course to become a master of the Latte Art
On Monday 14th of October

During the course the participants will be able to deepen their knowledge about the extraction of the espresso, the choice of milk and the tools necessary for a perfect performance. Various decoration techniques such as etching and topping will be studied, allowing the participants to master the basic designs of the Latte Art such as heart, leaf, and tulip.

The Giuliano Coffee School is the only center in Piedmont authorized for the issue of the Latte Art Grading System (LAGS) certification. With this course the students will be able to apply for the White and Orange grading.

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Typology: theory and practice

Where? At Giuliano Coffee School in via Vittorio Veneto 140, Caluso (TO)

Only 6 places available for this  course!

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