Welcome to Gothenburg!


From June 16-18, 2015, Giuliano Caffè participated in “Nordic World of Coffee“, a special fair dedicated to Specialty Coffee which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden this year.

The event was promoted by SCAE, la “Specialty Coffee Association of Europe”.

Virtuosa and Vivace: two of our precious artisanal coffee blends.


Our single origin coffees: extremely refined arabica coffees which can be drunk purely thanks to their exceptional aromas.



Old friends from the Emirates coming over for a visit…






…and new famous acquaintances!

Alessandro Minelli, CEO di Giuliano Caffè con Francesco Sanapo,diplomato SCAE e tre volte campione italiano di caffetteria e Patrick O'Malley, diplomato SCAE e Coffee Trainer riconosciuto a livello internazionale

Alessandro Minelli, CEO of Giuliano Caffè, together with Francesco Sanapo, SCAE ambassador and multiple winner of the Italian Barista Championship, and Patrick O’Malley, SCAE ambassador and well-known international Coffee Trainer.



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